Vanilla Bean Espresso Almond Butter


┬áIt’s finally been raining in the Bay Area! Yay!! Since I’m off today, Wendy and I have been just lounging around all day which is AWESOME with a capital…well, all capitals actually. The only downside to my day has been reaching for my almond butter and realizing I have none left. Nothing is worse than craving something only to find it empty, or in my case, finding 1 teaspoon of lonely almond butter at the bottom of the jar. First world problems right! I decided against driving around in the down pour just for a jar of almond butter, I thought making my own was a much better idea. It’s incredibly easier than you think. It also tastes about 100 times better than the $10.99 jars we all buy. … 

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Black Me Out Cupcakes


Lately I’ve been completely obsessed with the new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues by one of my favorite punk bands Against Me!. The album is one of the most emotional and honest albums I’ve ever heard. The singer Laura Jane Grace wrote powerful and thought provoking lyrics. Of course on top of the deep stuff, the songs are all just catchy as hell. You can listen to this whole album without having to skip a song. My favorite song on the album is called Black Me Out.I don’t know how or why the idea popped into my head, but I decided to make these black me out cupcakes. Against Me! has an older song called Pints of Guinness Make You Strong, so I found it only fitting to make Guinness cupcakes. So, in tribute to Against Me!, I bring you chocolate Guinnes cupcakes with chocolate espresso buttercream. Even if punk rock isn’t your thing, give Against Me a listen, you’ll be happy you did!… 

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Baked Vanilla Bean Doughnuts


Please, join me in a moment of silence…thank you. Maybe you watched the Oscars last week. If you did (maybe even if you didn’t), then you are well aware of the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was snubbed yet again by the “Academy”. I mean really, what the hell is the “Academy” anyway. I can only assume it’s a militant anti-DiCaprio group out to crush DiCaprio’s everywhere. I’m not one to care too much about celebrities or feel bad for them (it must be hard to be rich and famous right?), but if you saw poor Leo’s face when that other schmuck won the Oscar you would understand. It made me tear up worse than The Notebook… So, this post has taken an awkward turn, I’ll stop while I’m sort of ahead. None of this has anything to do with doughnuts whatsoever. Enjoy!

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Chocolate Espresso Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

It’s 8 in the morning. As I write this post, I’m also eating a huge slice of this cake. Oh the joys of being a grown up, right? So, it’s a new year and I know everyone is out trying to get fit in this new year. This post was designed to destroy your will power and your eat healthy resolutions. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry, don’t hate! This cake man, is crazy good. Totally worth kicking your resolutions to curb, trust me on this. I dare you to find another cake as moist and perfectly chocolatey as this one, you will be unsuccessful in your search…. 

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