Soft Pretzels

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now. Every now and then, I like to go back and look at some of my old posts. Usually this results in me being horrified at my writing and old pictures. Some of those pictures were so pathetic that I can’t believe I thought hitting publish was acceptable. You know when you’re in high school and you think you’re some big badass adult? Once you’re actually grown up and you look back you realize how stupid and ridiculous you were. That’s how blogging has been for me. I started and thought I was awesome. Oh yes, my pictures were all amazing. Ultra close ups taken with my iphone, hardly allowing you to see what the picture was even of. I mean, they were basically professional pictures after all. Looking back now makes me want to hide under a bridge somewhere. WHAT was I thinking? As I’m writing this, I can’t help but think that in another few years I will read this post and laugh at myself  and my attempt to be funny ( I AM funny, I’m funny!).

When I first made my post for these pretzels, I pretty much butchered the entire thing. You can find the OG post HERE. It was pinned on pinterest which is totally awesome but that also led to a decent amount of people seeing that god awful picture. This post is my chance to do some justice to these pretzels. To maybe show that I can indeed take a non crappy picture, these big soft delicious pretzels. With Oktoberfest events coming up, you can totally make these and be a mini celebrity for the day…. 

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Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream


Man has it been awhile since my last post or what?! Things have changed pretty significantly since then. Wendy and I had a baby! A beautiful little girl named Charlotte. She’s super amazing and we’re loving every second of parenthood, but things have been a bit hectic. People like to give a lot of “advice” and make tons of comments when they know you’re expecting, but it seems like everyone always says the same stuff. “Get used to crying”, “say goodbye to having a life for the next 18 years” and so on and so forth. Yeah, a lot of useful stuff (sense the sarcasm?). People  tend to leave out the good stuff. For instance, getting ready in the morning used to be a 15-20 minute ordeal. We’re not dum dums, we knew it would take longer, but we didn’t know the universe would work against us, every. Single. Time. Ready to walk out the door? BOOM! total blow out. Baby in a great mood BANG! gas hits and baby screams (rightfully so). It’s all actually really funny, you can’t help but laugh at it but it is indeed tough to adjust.  I’m sure the blog will begin to overflow with baby stories (mostly poop) and tales of being a new dad (more poop). Did I just say poop in a food post? Tis the life of parenthood…. 

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Coffee Creme Brulee

IMG_3924edit I have a shit ton of cookbooks, like really. I’ll admit that some of the books that I thought I HAD to have, now sit on my book shelf having only been browsed through once or twice. It’s not that they’re bad books, I just have so many books with so little time. Despite this, I keep on buying up cookbooks like they will save my life during the apocalypse (water? pfft no, but I have 500 cookbooks). My latest book purchase was for David Lebovitz’s new book My Paris Kitchen…. 

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