Nerds Unite!

 So I’m a nerd. Don’t let the tattoos and piercings fool you. I am in fact, one hundred percent nerd. I was drawn into baking because of it’s technical aspect. Every recipe (formula) is balanced, like an equation. Unfortunately, the chemistry of food is not something a lot of people care about. Luckily, there is one fellow nerd who happens to be quite famous. Maybe you know him, his name is Alton Brown. He is the host of Iron Chef and has his own show called Good Eats. Good Eats is perfect for someone like me who loves to know why. He recently released his new book “Good Eats 3” which is full of recipes and of course tons of information. Well yesterday, he was in San Francisco for a Q&A and book signing. I expected hoards of people but it wasn’t very crowded at all. I brought along all three books of his that I own and of course purchased his new one on the spot. He signed the books and also a wooden spoon for my fiancee and I. He’s a very down to earth and humble guy. I definitely recommend buying his books, they’re super informative! Check them out Here

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